Invest in new construction

Want to know more about investing in new construction projects? With Tessin, you can invest in new construction projects throughout Sweden. Housing shortages are widespread and more and more cities are in need of housing. Now you can be part of new construction projects by lending your capital like a bank to the real estate developers who are building new buildings around Sweden. Investing in new construction usually yields high returns on your capital, but is not entirely risk-free. Tessin lets real estate developers publish projects on the platform where they present the project they seek funding for. The material detailed on the platform contains descriptions of projects and the companies that carry out the projects. The investment terms and duration are also described. If you want to invest in new construction projects and wish to access this information you will need a Tessin account. You can receive an account quickly and easily with Tessin. Once you have an account, you can read more about the projects that are open for investment. When you find a project where you can invest in new construction projects, you need to reserve shares in the project for later investment. The reservation does not bind you to the investment and you can still withdraw after this step. Once you have completed the investment, a binding agreement is signed and your capital is then locked in the project under the terms of the investment. Each project has more investors than usual, which means that the minimum investment amount in Tessin projects is usually lower than it normally is when investing in new construction projects. Everyone who invests in new construction projects with Tessin receives information on the platform when real estate developers publish periodic reports about the project's development. You can also ask questions about the project through the platform and read other questions asked by your co-investors. See examples of previous projects on the website and learn more about how to earn returns by investing in new construction projects with Tessin.

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