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Invest in real estate projects

Traditionally investors have had a long and difficult road if they wanted to start to invest in real estate projects. Investors have previously needed extensive contact networks, huge amounts of capital and, above all else, it has been a very time-consuming process. Today, if you want to invest in real estate projects you can get started right away. Thanks to digital tools, you are able to invest in real estate projects that are located far from the places you're normally based. For example, you can invest in real estate projects in Gothenburg, although you live in Umeå or find projects located on Gotland while working in Kiruna or even abroad.

To get a quick start on real estate investment projects, Tessin has created a platform where companies that work in the real estate industry can search for financing from private investors who want to invest in real estate projects. You need to register for an account in order to get an investment started. With Tessin's platform, you will meet project owners and you will receive information about real estate projects. If you find a real estate project you want to invest in, please report your interest by specifying how many units you want to reserve in the real estate project. After this, you will receive more detailed information about the project and you can calmly evaluate if you want to invest or keep looking for other real estate projects on the platform.

Investing in real estate projects through Tessin has its risks, just like any investment. You can lose parts or all of your entire invested capital but you can also receive a very good return. The type of real estate projects published on Tessin are often projects that are in the early stages of production or for other reasons have not receive funding in a traditional way, such as loans from a bank. However, due to a slightly increased risk, the return on these real estate projects is also higher than normal. When you choose to invest in real estate projects with Tessin, you are able to be a part of implementing real estate projects that might not otherwise have come to fruition and you also have the opportunity to earn money at the same time. Are you interested in investing in real estate projects? Create an account to get started today!