Lingonriset 18 AB • Stockholm

Invest inNewly developed terraced houses in Tyresö

Invest in the construction of terraced houses in Tyresö, Stockholm. The company has won a land allocation competition and plans to erect 20 terraced houses with construction due to start in Winter 2017/2018. The project is sold with a binding advance agreement and sales are expected to start in Autumn 2017. The investment offers a 9% annual return with repayment after 18 –27 months. The loan is secured by a property mortgage, share pledge and parent company guarantee.
Capital raised
14 980 000 SEK
Number of investors
Investment type
Time to maturity
18–27 months
Annual target for return
9 %
Minimum amount to invest
50 000 SEK
Loan number

This project has been completed and is not available for reservations.

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