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With Tessin, you can tailor a financing solution based on your needs by choosing senior loans or junior loans combined with the desired security structure, ROI, and maturity. Tessin's investors, unlike a bank, are not governed by various financial regulations, and typically are able to obtain a loan ratio that gives a more powerful financial leverage and thus a completely different return on equity. Raising capital can be advantageously when combined with an underlying loan from a bank or other financiers. However, smaller investments are entirely capable of funding themselves through Tessin alone and without the involvement of other participants.

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In addition to the availability of capital, our former project owners highlight the added value of using Tessin.

Gösta Carlberg

The financing market for real estate projects is tough and burning through money is very common, but together with Tessin, we have shown that this doesn't need to be the case.

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Milad Gholami, Fond och Institutioner
Milad Gholami
Fond och Institutioner
Johan Wennerholm, Financial Advisor
Johan Wennerholm
Financial Advisor
Magnus Nilsson, Transaction Manager
Magnus Nilsson
Transaction Manager
Karl Tigerhielm, Financial Advisor
Karl Tigerhielm
Financial Advisor

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