Invest in Co-operative Housing flats

Invest in co-operative housing flats through crowdfunding. Do you own an apartment or a house? If so, you can say that you have already invested in real estate. Now you can take advantage of a relatively new investment form called crowdfunding that allows you to invest in co-operative housing flats in a new way. You as an investor can, together with others, finance a real estate project, such as the construction of co-operative housing flats. The property developer who builds the co-operative housing flats is in need of funding and you, together with the other investors, lend your capital to the completion of the flats. When they are sold, you will get a good return on your investment. Through Tessin, you meet property developers seeking funding and the platform allows you to take part and invest in future projects, like co-operative flats. Before you can invest, you must register an account at Tessin. This is for you to be able to take part in the shared information and conditions regarding the various projects. When you register, you can log in and see the bulletin board, where the property developers publish their projects. In this case you would search for cooperative flats. Once you have found a project that suits you and your plans, you can reserve shares in the project. This step does not make it compulsory for you to invest in the co-operative flats you have chosen, but it is a prerequisite for you to invest in the project. Investing in co-operative flats through Tessin can provide a very good return, because the projects published on the platform are high-risk projects. This also means that you can lose the capital you invested as well. Therefore, always consult an experienced advisor before investing if you do not have the experience of investing in co-operative flats through crowdfunding. You can sign up for a Tessin account today and take part in the projects currently active. New projects are regularly published on the platform and you are welcome to read more about how it works.

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