Invest in Development projects

Society is developing at a rapid pace and you may have thought of investing capital but not yet found what feels right. Investing in real estate development can be an option for you. By investing in real estate development, you can see your money grow in a concrete project. Unlike traditional shares that can change in value from day to day, real estate is not dependent on the stock market to the same extent. Tessin also allows you to invest in real estate development together with other investors. This means that you do not have to place as much capital into an investment as has usually been required when investing in real estate development. What is Tessin? This is a service that lets you as an investor meet real estate developers. Through the portal, you reach the digital bulletin board where real estate developers publish their projects that you can invest in. You will get all the information you need through the Tessin portal and you can also share your questions with the companies you are interested in financing. In short, you can lend your capital like a bank when investing in the development of real estate through Tessin. When you choose to invest in the development of real estate, you are part of enabling more housing in Sweden and the reason for this is because many of the projects seeking funding through Tessin do not meet all the requirements the banks have for financing the projects. This is often due to the fact that the projects are in an early stage of development and the banks rarely finance this type investment. For you as an investor, there are always inherent risks when investing, and this is the case even when investing in real estate development. Therefore, it is important that you familiarise yourself with the information you receive through Tessin to determine if you want to invest in the project you are looking at. You can, among other things, examine the company's business, the market in which they operate, and their financial situation. You're welcome to start investing in the development of real estate today!

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