Invest in apartments

Interested in investing in apartments? Now you have the chance to invest in apartments with Tessin. Tessin is a digital service where real estate agents can seek funding for their real estate projects, and you then have the opportunity to invest in them or other different types of real estate projects seeking capital. Investing in apartments has previously required large capital and a broad network. Tessin enables you, together with other investors, to gain access to and invest in apartments through a digital platform. Tessin is registered as a financial institution at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and we offer real estate developers a forum where they can seek capital by searching for funding through crowdfunding. You can easily invest in apartments and other types of real estate projects through Tessin. You invest in apartments by registering an account at Tessin and once you log in to the platform, you will have access to information about the projects that seek funding. You can also report your interest in investing in specific projects. You do this by reserving shares. This is not binding but it is a prerequisite for investing in the project. When investing in apartments, you should be aware that the projects in Tessin represent high risks. High risks mean that your investment can yield unusually high returns, but also means that all or part of your investment may be lost. Therefore, as you plan to invest in real estate, you should carefully and thoroughly review each project's description and terms. If you do not have prior experience in investing in apartments, it is recommended that you consult an adviser before you invest. Through your Tessin account, you also have the opportunity to ask the respective project owners questions about their projects. Once your investment is completed, you receive quarterly reports on the status of the project. Read more about the project that applied for funding via Tessin.

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