Invest in family homes

Now you can also invest in family homes through Tessin, a digital platform where real estate developers can publish their projects on Tessin's investment network. All projects published on Tessin are real estate projects, which means that you as an investor have a specific investment object that you can follow over the course of an investment horizon. In addition to investing in family homes, you can choose projects like , detached houses, offices, and rented houses. It's easy to become a member of Tessin's investment network; the first thing you need to do is to register for a Tessin account to get access to the projects that are currently open for investing in. If there are no opportunities to invest in family homes right now, don't worry. You do not have to invest in projects until the type of project you are looking for appears. New projects are published on average every week and you have no obligation to invest. However, if you are very active and invest 500 000 SEK in the same year, you will have access to Tessin's premium network, which allows Premium Investors to have access to new investment projects a little earlier than other members. Investing in family homes is, therefore, easier than ever and you receive direct contact with real estate developers looking for funding. In light of the fact that Tessin projects involve high risk, there is also the possibility of an unusually high return, and this is the case because most projects do not meet the strict requirements that the banks have in place for funding. Therefore, your effort, along with the other investors, is very important for a project's implementation. Always contact an experienced adviser if you have not previously invested in family homes or other real estate projects, because this will enable you to understand the industry and the terms of real estate investment offered through Tessin. All projects are different and the conditions are therefore different. On the other hand, one thing that is common with all projects on Tessin is that there are more investors who invest together in a project than what is usually the case in more traditional real estate projects. This investment form is called crowdfunding. Are you still interested in investing in family homes? Become a part of Tessin's investment network today. Learn more about how it works .

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