Invest in rental apartments

Have you always dreamed of investing in rental properties but never had enough capital or the right contacts to be able to do that? Digital development has enabled many new forms of investment, and crowdfunding is one particular form that has recently grown stronger in Sweden. Now, as a private individual along with other investors, you can find real estate projects and invest in rental properties on a digital platform. Crowdfunding entails more investors who invest slightly lower than previously required in investments for rental properties. Tessin is a service that enables property developers and investors to meet and further allows project owners who want to build rental properties to seek funding through crowdfunding. These projects usually cannot be implemented without this kind of funding. Through Tessin, individuals interested in investing in rental properties have the opportunity to find the projects they believe in and want to invest in. Because of this, real estate projects that would have not been completed otherwise are made possible through Tessin's services. Investing in rental properties has previously been quite difficult to achieve because of the demand for large capital assets and the necessity of having the right contacts within the industry. By investing with others and with a lower amount of capital than ever before, anyone can invest in rental properties. Industry contacts tend not to be as difficult to obtain because property developers advertise with Tessin and you are able to receive more information about the project owners who published investment projects on the platform with the service. Keep in mind that investments always involve risks and projects on Tessin's platform are classified as high-risk projects. This means that the return on investment in rental properties can be unusually high, but you also risk losing parts or all of your entire investment. With Tessin, you gain access to skills from experienced Swedish property developers, but it may be advantageous for you to consult an advisor if you do not have prior experience of investing in rental properties. To get started, you need to register account. When you have an account, you can access Tessin's platform and look for projects that suit you. Read more about how to invest in rental properties here.

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