Invest in rental properties

Is it profitable to invest in rental apartments? It certainly can be. While more and more people choose to buy their homes in Sweden, the need for rental apartments, especially in major cities, also increases. Standing in a queue for an apartment in Stockholm usually means that you are lucky if you can get a rental apartment after 10 years of waiting. At Tessin, property developers, who wish to build rental apartments, have the opportunity to seek financing from you and other investors who want to invest in rental apartments. This means that real estate developers who seek funding publish information about their project and the terms of the loan. You as an investor must have an account with Tessin to view this information. In the logged-in mode you have the opportunity to read about and compare the various real estate projects currently available. If you find a project that suits your taste, for example, if you specifically want to invest in rental apartments, simply choose to show your interest in the project. You do this by reserving shares in the specific project, which enables you to then invest when the investment in the rental apartments opens up. If you do not make a reservation, you cannot invest in the current project. Once the investment is completed, you will receive regular updates from the real estate developer and you can follow the project's progress. When the project's term has expired and the project has been completed, the loan will be returned and you will be entitled to your returns. Please note that each project is different and involves different terms. So those who wish to invest in rental rights, should study the information published on Tessin carefully and be aware that investment in rental apartments always involves risks. Your investment can be lost as well as you can make an unusually high return. If you do not have experience in investing in rental apartments, consult an experienced advisor before starting your investment journey. Read more about how to begin your journey by investing in rental apartments at Tessin.

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