Invest in lease portfolios

Now you can invest in tenancy housing. Tessin is a crowdfunding service that enables real estate investment for people who previously had no opportunity to invest in tenancy because they did not have proper contacts. For those who want to invest, Tessin is a platform where you can search through various real estate projects and read more about the companies, that for example are expanding their tenancy portfolio with new buildings or building new ones. You select a project that you are interested in and want to invest in. You then reserve shares to show your interest and get the opportunity to invest according to the reservation you made when reserving shares. Investing in tenants has never been easier. You can do everything digitally and you can also follow the project through your Tessin account. The companies that raise capital through your investment share regular reports during the project's term. When investing in tenancy, you may also choose to let your investment last for several years to see the money grow with an annual preferential rate. In these cases you can redeem the shares after the first year has been completed. There are always risks of investing in tenancy and you should be aware of these before investing your capital. Read the terms carefully and consult an adviser if something is unclear. Through Tessin's portal, you can also ask questions about the projects directly to the company seeking funding. Once you have chosen to register your interest by reserving shares, you will receive an investment memorandum as well as other information about the investment and the company seeking capital. Investing in tenancy should not be complicated. Tessin enables real estate investment for you and other investors who have previously had no opportunity to invest in the real estate industry. You meet developers digitally and can invest in their projects while allowing them to implement their growth plans or construction. Each project has multiple investors, which means that the minimum investment needed when investing in tenancy is lower than it used to be. Learn more about how to invest via Tessin.