Invest in an acquisition

Invest in acquisitions and be part of a journey of growth. Many of today's companies are planning to grow, but for real estate companies it may be difficult to grow if they do not have enough capital to acquire real estate companies or other companies in general. Most people usually turn to the bank in these cases. However, Tessin is now a significant alternative. Tessin is a service for real estate companies seeking funding through crowdfunding, which means that one hundred investors now have the chance to invest in acquisitions. How? As an investor in Tessin's network, you receive access to various types of real estate projects that you can lend your capital to and in return, you receive returns in the form of interest. Investing in acquisitions is therefore not as difficult as it sounds. You register on the website and log in to your personal account. In the logged-in mode, you will have access to the projects that are available to invest in. You can read more about the company seeking funding, explore other people's questions to project owners, and also ask your own questions. Tessin is registered as a financial institution at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and essentially functions as a bank, but instead of the bank as a lender, you are ,in conjunction with other investors, the one who enables the real estate company's growth. Those seeking investors who are interested in investing in acquisitions provide you with all the information you need about your investment and what terms and timeframe the investment is valid for. There are always risks with investments and this is also the case with investing in acquisitions. With Tessin, you receive a substantial amount of information about the projects and if you do not understand everything, it may be a good idea to consult an experienced advisor before investing in acquisitions. We welcome you to start investing digitally in real estate acquisition with Tessin!

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