Invest in rebuilding projects

Invest in rebuilding and get a return. Although there is currently a major focus on building new projects, there are many properties in Sweden that would benefit from rebuilding. The houses built several decades ago may have become impractical and need to be renovated for safety reasons. With Tessin you can now participate and invest in reconstruction by financing the kind of loan that real estate companies are seeking. Tessin is registered as a financial institution with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, so you borrow your money just as a bank would. The philosophy behind the Tessin platform is that everyone should be able to invest in rebuilding. Therefore, the service is digital and you can make the investment remotely. In addition, the amount of money invested per investor is somewhat lower than usual when investing in rebuilding. The reason why is because Tessin works as a crowdfunding service for real estate projects. Crowdfunding means that those who want to invest in rebuilding do not do it alone or with fewer investors. You do it with hundreds of others. As the number of investors increases, the minimum amount also decreases. This allows more people to invest in rebuilding. Previously, the right contacts have been crucial when investing in rebuilding. Now you can create a Tessin account and get in touch with companies seeking funding in a few simple clicks. However, there are risks with all kinds of investments, as is the case for projects on Tessin's platform. Therefore, it is important that you either have the prior experience and knowledge of real estate investment before investing in rebuilding or that you consult with someone who has the experience and knowledge required. As for the use of the platform itself, it is easy. Individuals who want to invest in rebuilding can look for a project they believe in and are willing to invest in. They register their interest and reserve the shares that correspond to the amount they are aiming to invest. Once again, the investment is not completed by simply reserving shares; when you make a reservation, you will receive further important information about the project and its terms. Your investment is made and becomes binding when you sign a digital agreement and transfer your capital. Learn more about how you can invest in reconstruction.