Invest in conversion

Investing in conversion may not be the first thing you think about when you want to invest in real estate. But it is becoming more common to convert housing and you can be a part of it by investing in conversion through Tessin. Rental properties that are converted into housing cooperatives often mean that the housing associations formed must finance the purchase, in addition to the efforts of those who want to buy the apartments. This is where Tessin comes in. As an investor in Tessin's network, you can lend money to housing associations using the digital platform offered by Tessin. The housing association can, in turn, publish its financing needs in Tessin and seek financiers. There are often hundreds of investors who get the chance to invest in conversion, this is called crowdfunding. Once the loan amount has been met, the financing goes through and you who are investing then wait for the maturity and get interest on the loan you loaned to the housing association. There are always risks with all sorts of investments and also the published investment chances at Tessin. Therefore, consult an adviser if you do not have enough knowledge or experience to invest in conversion. In order to make your first investment in conversion, you also need to sign up for Tessin and get an account. This account gives you access to the Tessin bulletin board, where you can read more about the companies seeking funding. You report your interest in investing a certain amount in a particular project. It is not binding to show interest and enter investment sum. Once the investment becomes binding, you as an investor accept the agreement that appears in the material that you receive when you reserve shares. Investing in conversion may be your chance to grow your capital instead of it being tucked away in an account with low or no interest. Curious about knowing more about how to invest in conversion? Read about Tessin and HOW_IT_WORKS_LINK_HOW_TO_INVEST.

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