Invest in industrial premises

Investing in industrial premises can be a good way to get a return on your capital, as industrial premises often have higher direct yields than for example housing. However, investments always involve risks, even when you choose to invest in industrial premises. Therefore, it is important that you carefully analyse the investment you are planning to invest in. You can read recommendations from others who chose to invest in industrial premises and you can also contact professional advisors. Previously, it has been difficult for private investors to invest in industrial premises because this type of investment has not been made available for the general public. Traditionally, a very wide network of contacts and a lot of investment capital have been required if one wanted the opportunity to invest in industrial premises. Today it is much easier than that. As a private investor, you can find projects in many places. If you want to be an active investor in industrial premises you can look for a property to buy or you can search crowdfunding investments through different types of digital platforms. Tessin offers the sort of service that specialises in giving real estate projects, seeking funding through crowdfunding, a place to market their business. An account, which is free of charge, is required if you want to invest in industrial premises with Tessin. After registration, you can search among the projects that are published, receive further information about the projects, and do an analysis of the investments you are able to choose from. To invest you must reserve shares in the project, which is not binding but is a prerequisite for your chance to invest in that particular project. There are usually about 200 spots for private investors per investment and you receive regular communication from project owners through Tessin. Are you interested in investing in industrial premises via Tessin? Read more about how it works here.