Invest in vacation houses

Do you think the market for vacation homes is interesting but don't feel ready to buy your own? Through new forms of investment, you can invest in vacation homes that are being projected by property developers. In Sweden, it is extremely common for a holiday to be spent in a vacation home, whether it is rented or owned. The demand for vacation homes can increase in the future as the population continues to grow. Tessin allows you to invest in vacation homes operated by different types of real estate companies by lending your money to the company that builds the vacation home. This in turn gives you interest on the stake. Once you invest in a vacation home your role essentially becomes the same as a bank would normally have in this kind of situation. The real estate company that builds the vacation homes sells or leases the completed construction project and you receive dividends in the form of interest. If you want to invest in a vacation home through Tessin, you should be aware that many projects are at an early stage. This means that bank funding is not possible, as bank requirements are rarely satisfied when real estate projects are in the early stages. Therefore, investors' efforts are very important for real estate projects to be implemented. Those who invest in a vacation home via Tessin receive a good interest on their investment because the projects are classified as high-risk projects. In order to determine if you have found the right investment project for you, it is important that you review all the information that the real estate companies provide for you through the Tessin platform. If you are inexperienced or lacking sufficient knowledge to obtain the information provided, it is beneficial to contact a financial adviser who can help you when you choose to invest in a vacation home. Tessin is registered as a financial institution at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the agreements and transfers are made according to secure methods. Do you want to know more? Learn more about how vacation home investments work with Tessin here!