Invest in business facilities

Investing in business facilities is easier than you think. You do not need to mingle or actively seek the right contacts in the real estate industry in order to get the opportunity to invest. Now you can join Tessin and digitally meet real estate companies seeking alternative funding for their real estate projects. As an investor aiming to invest in business facilities you can easily wait for the right project to appear on the digital bulletin board. While you wait, you can read about the current projects that are published and maybe find an unexpected real estate project you want to invest in. The service lets you invest in business facilities together with other investors, who are users of the Tessin platform. Each project is limited to 200 investors and this means your investment does not have to cost you millions, but instead you are able to invest lower amounts. No investment is risk-free, regardless of whether or not you choose to invest in business facilities through Tessin. If you are not used to digital tools, you can be sure that Tessin's platform and tools used in connection with the investments are secure, and that Tessin is registered as a financial institution with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. What you should do before investing in business facilities is carefully read through the information about the project and the company that is looking for capital. This in order for you to be fully aware of what you invest in, who leads the company, and what the capital will be used for. In addition, you will also receive information about the terms of the investment and other important information as soon as you have reserved your shares. If there are uncertainties about investing in business facilities, it is recommended that you contact an adviser in the area before you choose to invest. Tessin wants everyone to have the opportunity to invest in business facilities and all you need to start your journey is to register for an account. You do this here!

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