Invest in commercial facilities

Are you planning to invest in commercial facilities but do not know where to start? There are a number of different ways to start investing in commercial facilities. One way is to buy commercial facilities and rent them out. The disadvantage in this is that it requires a lot of commitment on your part, and despite the fact that contracts are often safer in terms of commercial premises than residential buildings, there are fewer potential customers on the market. This sort of investment requires a wide network of contacts within the industry. However, for those with limited capital and lacking the type of network needed to traditionally invest in commercial facilities, there is another type of investment available. Crowdfunding is an investment form that has grown stronger in the real estate market in recent years and allows many investors to join forces to fund a project. The projects can be in most industries, but the investment method has proven to be a great asset for the real estate industry. Crowdfunding allows you, as a private individual, to invest in commercial facilities without commitment or contact network and with lower investment amounts than before. You simply lend your capital to companies that want to acquire commercial facilities for rent or for other similar purposes. In return, you receive a predetermined return on your investment after the maturity expires. You are not alone in capital lending but rather you invest in commercial premises together with several other private investors. While the investment itself can be completed digitally through different types of digital platforms, Tessin offers a specialised platform for real estate projects. Once you register an account with Tessin, you can read more about real estate projects and, for example, invest in commercial facilities. You reserve shares to invest, and then go through with the investment using various digital tools. Tessin is registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority as a financial institution and you receive continuous information about the projects you invested in. It does not have to be difficult to invest in commercial facilities. Register at Tessin and start investing in commercial facilities today.