Invest in refinancing

Investing in refinancing can yield a good return. Have you ever thought that refinancing can be something you can invest in? No? Well, it's now possible to invest in the refinancing of real estate projects. Tessin is a crowdfunding service where property developers can publish their real estate projects, such as needing refinancing with the purpose of lowering high interest costs. What you do when you choose to invest in refinancing through Tessin is that you, along with many other investors, go in with less capital than what is usually required in the real estate industry. Those who invest receive a good return on the invested capital, while the real estate company has the opportunity to lower their interest expenses and thus get better payability. Note that there are always risks and your capital can be lost even when invested through Tessin. Tessin enables people to invest in refinancing by making it simple and completely digital, and offers a service for those who want to invest, which is even for real estate developers seeking financiers for different types of real estate projects. You, together with other investors, become banks for the real estate companies seeking refinancing. Investment forms such as crowdfunding have grown stronger in Sweden in recent years, and Tessin is also registered as a financial institution at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. To invest in refinancing through Tessin you need an account. You can easily register by creating an account at Tessin. Once you have an account, you will then have access to the material published on the Tessin bulletin board. At that point, simply start looking for your next investment. The next step after you find the project you want to invest in is to book up the shares in the project according to the amount you want to invest. This step does not bind you to the investment but is mandatory for you to be able to invest in the project. Lastly, it's time to complete the investment with secure digital tools. Welcome to start investing in refinancing with Tessin!