Invest in warehouses

Investing in warehouses can provide a substantial return. The need for warehouses increases the more Sweden's population grows. At this moment you have the opportunity to invest in warehouses, which has previously been difficult to do if you did not have proper contacts in the industry. Tessin is a crowdfunding service that enables you to invest in warehouses with other investors. Together you can fund a project advertised on the Tessin portal. The real estate developer seeking funding can complete their project thanks to your investment and when the project is completed you receive a good return on your invested capital. Your investment is secured through real estate collateral and you can follow your investment in the warehouse through regular reports published on Tessin by the property developer. In addition to investing in warehouses, you can also invest in other types of real estate projects like rental apartments, villas, offices, and semi-detached houses through Tessin. You choose which projects are interesting and when you are interested in investing in a particular project, you reserve shares in the project. Reserving shares does not mean that you commit to the investment, but it is a necessary step that gives you the opportunity to invest in the project. The projects published through Tessin often yield higher returns than usual and this is because the projects on Tessin are considered high risk, which means that you may risk losing your invested capital. Investing in warehouses and other types of investments always involve risks. Those who do not have experience in investing in warehouses should contact an adviser to gain full insight into the terms and conditions that apply to the projects they are interested in. If you have any questions, you can read more about how to invest in warehouses through Tessin under FAQ. We welcome you to invest in warehouses today!

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