Invest in lofts

Thinking about Investing in loft-apartments? Is this something you want to do but haven't found the right project or unsure where to start? Now everyone has the opportunity to start investing in real estate projects with Tessin. If you wish to invest in loft-apartments you can easily open an account at Tessin and receive access to the projects that real estate developers publish on the platform each week. You are not a sole investor since you invest together with others. This is called crowdfunding and allows you to invest a lower amount of capital than loft-apartment investments like this usually require. Investing in loft-apartments can be an effective way for you to get a return on your capital, which is a better option than simply having the capital on an account with minimal or non-existent interest. Tessin is registered as a financial institution at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and this means that those who invest essentially lend money like a bank would to property developers seeking funding through the platform. You receive your return for your investment in loft-apartments according to the conditions detailed in the project information material. You take the first step in investing by logging into your Tessin account and finding the project you are interested in. Once you have selected your projects, you indicate your interest by specifying how much your investment will be in the specific project. Once this is done you are not bound to complete the investment, but you must report your interest in the project by reserving shares to be able to invest at all. The investment is then carried out with secure digital methods and you can follow the information that project owners agree on during the project periodically. Take the opportunity and invest in loft-apartments today by register with Tessin. If you do not immediately find your dream project at once, don't worry, there will be new projects made available every week that will allow you to invest in loft-apartments, industrial premises, and many more real estate projects. We welcome you to start investing through Tessin today!

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