Crowdfunding of real estate projects

Build your portfolio with secured real estate loans

Step by step

This is how it works

1. Explore

Start by looking for a crowdfunding project that you believe in and want to place your capital in.

2. Invest

When you find a property project that you like, you choose how much capital you want to invest.

3. Follow

With Tessin, you will receive continual information about the crowdfunding project you have chosen to invest in.

4. Yield

It is through repayment, interest, dividend, or redemption of shares that you receive your return on an investment.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Tessin needed?

Along with a significant number of exciting real estate projects that are not completed due to lack of funding, there are also copious amounts of capital seeking attractive returns and investment opportunities. The aforementioned, in combination with a widespread housing shortage, indicates that the traditional funding models are not sufficient at the present time. Through crowdfunding, Tessin's platform connects real estate developers with investors who jointly effectuate projects that could not otherwise be realised.

What do you invest in?

The Tessin crowdfunding platform only publishes real estate related projects. At this moment, the platform is only available for projects owners who are aiming to market non-transferable bonds (direct loans) or preference shares in companies.

How does investing through crowdfunding work?

Tessin's platform consists of a technical tool and an electronic bulletin board that real estate developers can use to market their business and projects, as well as a way for them to find potential investors. Through crowdfunding, a large number of investors join together to raise a larger amount of capital.

Those interested in a specific project can reserve shares through the platform. A reservation is a non-binding interest report linked to the specific project. After a reservation has been made, the property developer (usually within one week) distributes more detailed investment material via e-mail to all who have reserved shares. Within a few days, the investor is offered to complete his investment by signing a subscription or debenture (depending on whether loans or preference shares are offered) through the digital signature service, Scrive. In connection with the signing of the subscription or debenture with BankID, a legal obligation for the investment will come into force. After the investor has signed, the capital will be transferred to the specified Bankgiro service within the specified time.

What are the risks associated with crowdfunding?

The projects and investments marketed on the Tessin platform are normally associated with high risk. In many cases, the property projects are run by smaller project owners with limited financial resources who seek top funding, usually with or without subordinated collateral.

Virtually all projects marketed on the platform are associated with risks that are not accepted by credit institutions or banks, which leads to the calculated return being often unusually high. Anyone who is not considered an experienced real estate investor should always consult with a financial advisor, an investment advisor, someone in the legal profession, an accountant, or the like before carrying out an investment through crowdfunding.

The different investment projects have varying risk levels and the investor should be aware that an investment is always associated with the risk that all or part of the investment is lost.

Read more about risks in general. More project-specific risks are evident from the investment material, which the project owner distributes to the investors who reserved shares.

When will the repayment of the remaining amount be made?

Through crowdfunding on Tessin's platform, you as an investor, in addition to the amount invested, also have the right to receive the specified return on the terms stated. Refunds must be made according to the conditional dates specified in the debenture and under the heading "Refund Method/exit strategy."

Is there any connection between Tessin and the property developer?

Tessin does not have any direct or indirect connection, influence, or responsibility for the project owner or the investment offer. Tessin represents neither the property developer nor the investor, makes no assessment of the project owner or the investment offer, and makes no recommendations or statements whatsoever to any party regarding the investment offer. Tessin's role is to provide a bulletin board where real estate developers can market their projects to obtain funding through crowdfunding.

Does it cost anything to become a member?

No, on Tessin's platform it is free to conduct real estate investments through crowdfunding. In addition, you get access to a free e-book about real estate investments.

How do I stay updated on my investment?

When a property developer has completed their capital raising process through crowdfunding, you as an investor have the opportunity to follow the project's development through updates on the Tessin platform. The frequency of the updates depends on the property developer but is usually published every three months. The information is usually relatively short and transparent, without any financial reports or key figures. A further advantage of real estate investment is the opportunity to visit the property on site.

More about crowdfunding

Invest in real estate through crowdfunding

Through Tessin you can choose to crowdfund as an investment form when you want to invest your capital in real estate projects. With crowdfunding, private individuals, together with others, can invest less sums in several real estate projects than before because our technical platform enables management of many but smaller investors. Additionally, via Tessin companies can choose to apply for funding for their property project through crowdfunding, and in doing so they receive access to a bulletin board where they present and market their project, its plan and terms, and share information about their business.

By registering an account with Tessin, you can choose to crowdfund for real estate projects as an investment. You have probably heard about crowdfunding previously. Traditionally, a private individual or company starts a crowdfunding project to raise funds for a project or specific goal. However, a new form of crowdfunding has since emerged. In foreign markets this is referred to as equity crowdfunding or crowdfunding investment, which means that investors who invest together receive shares in the project and the opportunity for a return on their investment.

Crowdfunding is a natural fit for the real estate industry (international term: real estate crowdfunding) and the reason for this is that the real estate industry often calls for a wide network of contacts and a lot of capital to invest in housing. Now, platforms like Tessin are used to market real estate projects seeking funding through crowdfunding and allow individuals to register their interest in various projects and invest in them together with others. In order to start investing through crowdfunding as an individual you need to register an account, which is required in order to receive information about the projects advertised on the bulletin board.

Tessin makes equity crowdfunding possible for companies through its digital platform, a bulletin board where real estate projects are published. The project’s owner can be a new player in the market as well as a well established company. Companies wishing to raise capital through a larger proportion of investors offer investors some form of share ownership in the form of, for example, preference shares or interest on a crowdfunding loan. For regulatory reason, the number of crowdfunding investors at Tessin is limited to a maximum of 200. Crowdfunding is classified as a high-risk investment, whether it involves investment in the form of debt securities or preference shares, simply because projects marketed on crowdfunding platforms are often in a early stage and in many cases do not meet the banks’ criteria for financing. However, high risk also means unusually high returns when it comes to crowdfunding investments with Tessin. Nevertheless, be advised that all or part of the capital you invest may be lost regardless of the type of investment and it is important that you as an investor understand and read the information that the projects share when they are published.

For companies, crowdfunding means not only the possibility of funding that otherwise would not be possible but also an opportunity for extra visibility. Many of those who invest through Tessin can in turn become ambassadors for the company as they invest in its additional projects. Tessin's network consists of property-intensive and resource-intensive investors, which could very well be future customers, suppliers, and partners. Do you think your company can benefit from crowdfunding? Learn more about how to apply for funding with Tessin and see your real estate project become reality.

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