Tessin's platform consists of a technical tool and an electronic bulletin board that real estate developers can use to market their business and projects, as well as a way for them to find potential investors. Through crowdfunding, a large number of investors join together to raise a larger amount of capital.

Those interested in a specific project can reserve shares through the platform. A reservation is a non-binding interest report linked to the specific project. After a reservation has been made, the property developer (usually within one week) distributes more detailed investment material via e-mail to all who have reserved shares. Within a few days, the investor is offered to complete his investment by signing a subscription or debenture (depending on whether loans or preference shares are offered) through the digital signature service, Scrive. In connection with the signing of the subscription or debenture with BankID, a legal obligation for the investment will come into force. After the investor has signed, the capital will be transferred to the specified Bankgiro service within the specified time.