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It is through repayment, interest, dividend, or redemption of shares that you receive your return on an investment.

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Crowdfunding in Sweden has become increasingly popular in recent years, even when it comes to financing in the real estate industry. Through Tessin, investors have the opportunity to be a part of Swedish crowdfunding and real estate companies have the opportunity to seek capital through crowdfunding. It is an effective way for the company to finance new projects and an opportunity for investors to find new exciting projects to invest in. Crowdfunding in Sweden can take on many different shapes and forms. On one hand companies seeking funding can be established companies that have been in business for a long time or on the other hand they can be newer market players. Crowdfunding through investors with Tessin means that property developers can give notice of their projects to more investors who invest lower amounts, compared to traditional real estate investments that traditionally have very few stakeholders. Tessin acts as a Swedish crowdfunding platform, where project owners have the opportunity to publish and market real estate projects with the aim of finding individuals like yourself who are interested in real estate investments. Crowdfunding in Sweden involves a new type of investment form in which most smaller investors join forces to fund a project in exchange for shares, for example. In regards to the crowdfunding of Swedish property projects with Tessin, the number of investors is regulated to a maximum of 200 investors and the terms of return are determined in advance. This means that the company seeking funding sets up a business plan in which the project owner describes the offer in detail. The offer also shows the calculated amount of return and what conditions apply for the return to be realised. Through crowdfunding, Swedish real estate projects, which are not otherwise possible, can be fully implemented.

Crowdfunding in Sweden is steadily growing and in recent years, the number of investors who choose to invest their capital through crowdfunding together with other crowdfunding investors has increased. In order to invest in Swedish crowdfunding investments with Tessin, you need to create an account as an investor. An account is a prerequisite for being able to access the investment opportunities information published on the Tessin bulletin board. An account is also required in order for you to complete your investment in any of the Swedish crowdfunding projects on the platform. Tessin is registered as a financial institution at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and enables crowdfunding in Sweden for different types of real estate projects. One of the benefits of crowdfunding for Swedish companies is that the companies receive a capital injection that may not have been possible without crowdfunding by investors. Do you want to be a part of the network and invest your capital through crowdfunding in Sweden? Read more about the real estate projects that have raised capital via Tessin and register today.

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