Invest in community buildings

More investors choose to invest in community properties due to an increased sense of security in comparison to other types of real estate investments. It may feel safer to invest in community real estate as it usually means stable tenants, long leases, and a lower degree of cyclical sensitivity. Investing in community real estate means that you invest in real estate where different types of social services are conducted. Examples of this may include hospitals and care homes, schools, or other types of community properties. These are properties that are used for the majority of tax-funded operations. Advantages of this kind of investment are that corporate properties often have good positions and stable cash flows because there are often existing tenants who use the objects. Investing in community real estate is a relatively new investment form for private sector investors because this type of property has historically been exclusively owned by a municipality and regional authorities. Both municipalities and regional authorities have for various reasons chosen to sell the properties and to rent them out by specialised property owners instead. Property owners who develop and acquire community real estate can now offer investors the possibility to invest in their projects through different investment methods. These digital investment methods make it easier than ever to invest in community real estate thanks to the kind of modern platforms recently developed. You as an investor can, together with others, invest in community property through Tessin. With Tessin, different companies are able to market their real estate projects or acquisitions of real estate. If you wish to invest in community real estate you can lend your money, enable a company to finance their projects, and ultimately receive a good return on your capital. Essentially, in this scenario you invest in community real estate very much like a bank would when lending its money. Read more about how to invest through Tessin and start investing in community real estate today. Note that there are always risks when you invest, even when you choose to invest in community real estate. If you lack experience in investing in community real estate, it is recommended that you consult a professional advisor about your investment.

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