Tessins Låneportfölj 2021:4

Färdigpaketerat investeringsalternativ med riskspridning.

Why is my e-mail address needed to see this project?

Step by step

This is how it works

1. Explore

Start by finding the property project you believe in and want to invest in.

2. Invest

When you find a property project that you like, you choose how much capital you want to invest.

3. Follow

Through Tessin you will receive continuous updates on the property project you have invested in.

4. Yield

It is through repayment, interest, dividend, or redemption of shares that you receive your return on an investment.

Tessin in brief

Secured loans for real estate projects
without fees and intermediaries

Two perspectives

Why Tessin?



  • Want to invest directly in specific real estate projects

  • Access to a level of return that previously required a lot of capital and contacts

  • Independence from the fluctuations of the financial market

Real estate companies

Project owner
  • Wish to make larger projects or acquisitions

  • Need a tailored financing solution

  • Looking for additional capital in the form of senior loans or junior loans