Invest in student apartments

Have you been thinking about investing in student housing? That's really not a bad idea at all. There is a lack of housing in most of the student towns, and investing in student housing can therefore give you, an investor, a good return. An occurring problem is that it is often expensive to invest in real estate projects and investors traditionally need to have good contacts with the companies that build student housing. However, we think everyone should be able to invest in student housing and other real estate. We have therefore developed a service where you as an investor can meet real estate developers and invest in their projects, which makes it much easier for you to invest in student housing. The service works in such a way that property developers publish their projects on the platform. If you want to invest in student housing, you need to register an account to get more information about the projects published in Tessin. It does not take long to register. Once you have an account and have logged in to the service, you can search for the project you are interested in. Since Tessin is a crowdfunding service, you invest in real estate projects with other investors. This means that your invested capital does not have to be as high as is normally required when investing in student housing. The first step after signing up is to reserve shares in the project you want to invest in. The reservation is not binding but is mandatory for you to reserve shares in the project you want to invest in. Remember to read the information about the project carefully before you invest so you are aware of the terms that apply to the specific project. If you are inexperienced when it comes to real estate investments, you can get help from advisers to ensure that you understand the information about when the return is paid out. Also, keep in mind that all investments are risky and your investment may be lost. Read more about how to invest in student housing at Tessin.

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