Invest in senior housing

Investing in senior housing may not be something you have thought about before, but as the population lives longer and increases steadily, the need for senior housing only continues to grow. Therefore, an investment in senior housing can be an opportunity to receive a good return on your investment capital. However, while finding this type of project can be difficult if you do not have the right contacts, Tessin has a solution for you. Through our services, you will meet real estate developers and can find projects that suit you, such as projects that give you the opportunity to invest in senior housing. Tessin is a crowdfunding service where you as an investor invest with a number of other investors. The real estate developers use your investment to finance their real estate project and you then receive a promised return when the project is completed. What do you need to do to start investing in senior housing? First of all, you need a Tessin account, which is easy to register for. You only need to fill out the information we request of you and once you've done that you can then read more about the investment projects currently available. Once you have found an investment, perhaps something related to senior housing, you can show your interest in investing in the current project by reserving shares in the project. Reserving shares does not bind you to a particular investment but you must reserve shares to be able to invest in a project. Once you have completed your investment in senior housing, you can follow the project through regular reports provided by the real estate developer via Tessin. Since real estate projects are secured by real estate collateral, these investments are more concrete than many others. However, you should be aware that all investments involve risks and you may lose the money you invested in the project. Are you interested in investing in senior housing? Be sure to register on Tessin today.

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