Invest in real estate

Do you want to invest in real estate? Investing in real estate has previously meant high capital investments and demands for contacts, as the real estate industry is traditionally known as a relationship-based industry. Today it is possible to invest in housing more smoothly than that. Through Tessin, you can, among other things, invest in real estate in Sweden together with other investors. You can find projects that allow you to invest in real estate abroad and through that get a return on your capital. We at Tessin want to make it possible for you who want to invest in real estate, to meet project owners seeking funding for their real estate project. Investing in real estate need no longer be dependent on the size of your network. With Tessin's help, you get in touch with property developers and owners via a digital platform. In Sweden, there is a widespread housing shortage but most real estate projects are not completed due to lack of funding. Through Tessin, you who want to invest in real estate can meet project owners who seek funding and choose to invest in their projects with other investors. You get the opportunity to invest in housing and project owners will be able to complete their project thanks to the funding that your investment enables. The advantage of investing in real estate is that the investment is used in a specific project. You can follow your investment through Tessin's platform where project owners share regular information on how the project progresses. Investing in properties through Tessin usually yields a higher return on your capital but also means a higher risk. Keep in mind that all types of investments involve risks and your capital may be lost regardless of whether you choose to invest in real estate in Sweden or to invest in real estate abroad. Questions? For more information about Tessin and how to invest in real estate, please read more under FAQ or contact us.

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