Invest in mobile rental housing

Invest in mobile rental housing and be a part of building homes for young people. In many metropolitan areas there is a high housing shortage, and future housing forms are growing continuously. Young people especially suffer from the current housing shortage and the demand for alternative housing has consequently increased. Now there are several projects around Sweden that focus on developing mobile rental homes. This means that if you are interested in placing money in new forms of real estate projects you can invest in mobile rental housing. Investing in mobile rental housing has previously been quite difficult, but now it's easier than ever because of digital advancements in the real estate industry. Mobile rental housing is now possible through digital platforms like Tessin, where you are able to report your interest in investing and even find projects that can provide a good return. Investing in mobile rental housing also means that you as an investor make flexible accommodation for students possible. Mobile rental housings are movable properties that often contain a majority of smaller apartments. These types of apartments attract single-family accommodations in addition to students and young people as well. How does investment in mobile rental housing work? First, you need to register on Tessin to read more about the projects published on the Tessin bulletin board. You can receive an account here. Once you have selected a project you want to invest in, it's time to reserve your shares. When investing in mobile rentals through Tessin, the booking of shares is not considered binding but it is a prerequisite for investing in the project. If you do not have prior experience with investing in mobile rental housing, you can contact a professional adviser to find out more about what it means to invest and what the possible benefits as well as disadvantages are in mobile rental housing investments. Note that investing always involves risks, even when you choose to invest in mobile rental housing, and that parts of or your entire investment may be lost.

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