Invest in new construction projects

Sweden's population is increasing rapidly and the need for more housing means more and more real estate companies are planning on building new buildings. Investing in new construction is now possible for those who have not previously invested in the real estate industry. You may be experienced in investing in equities, funds, or other types of securities but are now looking for something more concrete to invest in. New construction can be the answer and through Tessin's services you can start investing in new construction today. What do you need to start? Firstly, an interest in real estate is a good start. It's easier for you to start if you are already a bit involved in the industry. You also need to be aware that there are risks associated with investing in new construction. The projects you can invest in through Tessin are often high-risk projects that do not meet all the bank's demands. This may mean, for example, that the projects are at a very early stage in the process and need funding. When investing in new construction, you will enable companies to implement the projects and create more housing for people in Sweden. You do not invest in the projects alone, but every project has hundreds of investors who invest a lesser amount of capital than the real estate industry previously demanded. It's called crowdfunding. One can say that you, together with the other investors, lend your money to the bank. The return on investing in new construction through Tessin is higher than normal and this is the case because the projects are at high risk. So how about getting a Tessin account and start investing in new construction? You are not bound to invest even if you get an account. If you invest a total of 500 000 SEK over a year, you will gain access to Tessin Premium, an investment network for the most active investors on the platform, which gives you a head start on upcoming projects. Read more and register today!

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