On Tessin's platform, smaller companies with limited financial resources are usually marketed and property developers are commonly looking for top financing of projects with or without subordinated collateral. With that said, investment projects are usually associated with high risks and in most cases, the projects marketed on the platform are associated with risks that are not accepted by credit institutions or banks. However, the calculated return is often very high.

In case of insufficient experience regarding property investments, the investor should always talk to a financial advisor, investment adviser, lawyer, accountant, or someone with a similar background before making the decision to invest in real estate. The risk level in different investment projects varies, and the investor should be aware that an investment is always associated with the risk that all or part of the investment could be lost.

Read more about $LINK_RISKS$ in general. The more specific risks on each project will be found in the investment material distributed by the project owner to the investors who have reserved shares.