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Invest in listings

Invest in listings of real estate companies. When it's time for a real estate company to apply for listing, you can invest in the listing. It actually works like any other investment. Once you have completed your investment in the listing, your capital may grow or decrease in value. Therefore, it may be good to find out some things before you invest in a listing. With Tessin, you will always get information about the investments and you can also ask questions directly to the companies seeking funding or planning to sell shares in conjunction with a listing. In order for you to be well prepared for an investment in a listing, it is important that you investigate the company's business. All companies seeking funding through Tessin are real estate companies. The companies are active in the real estate industry and seek funding for different types of real estate projects, but an investment in the companies can also be done through a listing. You should also investigate how the market looks and read about company management, historical growth, and its current economic situation. This gives you a complete picture of the company. When you choose to invest in a listing, it is also important to investigate the basis for the listing and how the money will be used. It may also be interesting to investigate the valuation of the company and the reasons for potential value increase. If you receive answers to the aforementioned information, as well as terms of dividend and how profitable the company is, you then have a good reason to base your decision on when you decide to invest in the listing of a particular company. If your experience and knowledge are limited, you should consult a financial advisor who has the experience and knowledge required to help you invest in a listing. Investing in listings can provide a good return on your capital and Tessin's services for real estate companies and investors are available digitally. Read more about Tessin and those projects that sought funding through the platform earlier.

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