Skip the lift and take the stairs

With Tessin Climber it will be more fun to make healthy choices in everyday life. Create a stairwell contest and compete with your colleagues or neighbors to get up on the mountain first.
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How it works

Register an account

To create a competition for your staircase you need to register an account.

Start a contest

Set up a stairwell for your competition. Here you specify which mountain is to be ascended symbolically.

Set up QR codes

Print QR codes and place on each floor of your stairwell.

Invite participants

Inform colleagues, friends or tenants about the competition. They participate by scanning the QR code on the ground floor with their mobile cameras.

Follow the race

Who is the administrator can follow the race through your account. All participants receive regular status updates via email.

Three reasons to take the stairs

  • Effective training
    Canadian research shows that staircase climbing is twice as effective as walking briskly. You quickly get up your heart rate and feel exhausted faster.
  • Lower mortality
    A study conducted by the Harvard Alumni Study states that people who walk at least 8 flights of stairs a day have a 33 percent lower mortality rate.
  • Stronger heart
    According to British studies, there is a link between taking the stairs regularly and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Ready to start climbing?

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